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My Fundraising Story by Louise Batts

Tell me a little about you?

Hi all, I’m Louise, a Civil Engineer at Heathrow Airport, and I’m running the London Marathon 2021 for EDT a nationwide educational charity engaging young people through STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) focused experience days, projects and placements.

Why the London Marathon?

Why not!? If you’re going to put yourself through the pain…I mean the excitement… of a personal challenge why not do one of the biggest and best running challenges in the UK? This is my first marathon after running a couple of half-marathons for other charities.

Why fundraise for charities?

The funds raised will support EDT’s industry-linked range of hands-on projects, placements and taster days, designed to connect young people with real-life mentors and positive role-models in the workplace. I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of engineers and problem solvers. Organisations like these are really important to expose the younger generation to careers which many teachers and parents aren’t aware off either.

Why STE(A)M?

Engineers, and especially women in engineering are a rare find; 2017 surveys indicate 11% of the engineering workforce is female. “You can’t be what you don’t see”. Talking about engineering and my job, the exciting activities and responsibilities I have with young people inspires them to think differently about what can commonly be though of as a Bob the builder. It couldn’t be more different. EDT have an established base, connections and team. They work with over 1,300 schools and educational institutions to deliver more than 40,000 STE(A)M experiences each year, which is a HUGE volume of young students. This great achievement is why I’m fundraising for them, they know their stuff and the storied I’ve heard these past few months are of great success (even in difficult COVID times!).

What is the training plan?

Run lots! No, but really, the training plan starts in May, 3-4 runs a week, if anyone is looking for some running support, or wants to run with me please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Running with company makes it much more enjoyable!

You can follow and donate to my fundraiser here. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, Thank you.

If you feel inspired to do some fundraising yourself for EDT, check out their Fundraiser Support Pack or contact us at

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