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Industrial Cadets Gold Project – University Workshops

Here at EDT, we proudly run workshops for the Industrial Cadets Gold teams alongside fabulous venues, companies and universities. Take an exclusive look into how the unique workshop experience contributes to the Gold student's STEM journey across the country!

London & East England

University of Cambridge Workshop

What a great start to our Gold Project Workshops! Some of our Gold teams spent two days at Cambridge University in the Dyson Centre and stayed overnight at St. Catharine's College. The teams were truly outstanding in their focus, determination and diligence, and were supported throughout by their mentors. They come away having developed a wealth of skills, and knowledge and are now extremely motivated to complete their project over the next 4 months.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jinx St.Leger for organising and leading the two days and the fantastic technicians for their constant guidance and encouragement.

UCL Workshop

We had a fantastic couple of days at our Gold Project Workshop at MechSpace, UCL. We saw great teamwork over the two days and some outstanding projects coming together. It was great to see the mentors supporting and motivating the teams over the two days. We are looking forward to seeing the completed projects in a few months' time. 

We would like to send our huge thanks to Dr. Tom Peach for leading the two days, Mykal Riley for a great tour, and all of the technicians and undergraduate students at UCL who gave up their time to help the teams. 

South of England

Canterbury Christ Church University Workshop

We also had a fantastic experience with the Industrial Cadet Gold Students who attended the workshop in Canterbury on January 16th - 17th. The students had access to amazing facilities on campus and were able to build their prototypes with the help of their mentors and the technicians of Canterbury University who were very supportive.

The event began with a welcome message from the staff of Canterbury University to kick off the workshop. Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to learn more about university life and interact with the staff and students.

In the evening, there were quizzes and pizza nights for everyone to enjoy. Throughout the workshop the students also took the opportunity to network with teams from other schools, sharing tips and techniques and gain more confidence talking about their projects. They left the event looking forward to completing their projects and with new friends and connections.

University of Bath Workshop

The South teams also had an exceptional time at Bath University. All of the Gold students were met with an enthusiastic welcome from the team at Bath. The students were introduced to the facilities and what the University had to offer!

During the two days, all teams were getting stuck in, using the Bath University Technicians and of course their helpful mentors. The workshop was the perfect opportunity for all of the teams to get some hands-on work completed for their project. The teams were happy to also spend some more quality time with their mentors.

The student ambassadors at the University put on an excellent quiz for the teams in the evening. The teams certainly soaked up their surroundings in Bath by doing some sightseeing after the workshop, with one school team even heading to a lookout point, where they could see an aerial view of the city! The teams left the 2 days feeling confident and accomplished.

The EDT South team loved working with the University of Bath for yet another year and was as per usual blown away by all of the projects and their progress. Keep it up teams, we can’t wait to see the final projects soon!

North of England

University of Liverpool Workshop

In the North of England, it was brilliant to bring our Northwest teams together for the Industrial Cadet Gold Project workshop at The University of Liverpool. The students took no time at all get stuck into their projects, preparing working prototypes and utilising the universities facilities.

After the hard work of day 1, we encouraged mingling between teams and a bit of healthy competition with our quiz which encouraged new friendships to be made. Day 2 saw initial planning goals smashed and a new enthusiasm for their projects as they left for home. We cannot wait to see their final projects come to life in May!

University of Newcastle Workshop

Further North at the University of Newcastle, we had a brilliant time with our North East teams. The students were able to use a wide range of technology and machines that they wouldn’t usually have access to such as 3D printers, laser cutters, wind machines and water benches to build and test their models and develop their projects. 

Working along their mentors and university staff they gained valuable advice and developed new essential skills to help them finish their projects with a bang – we can’t wait to see the finished projects in May!

The Midlands

University of Birmingham Workshop

We enjoyed yet another successful workshop at the University of Birmingham with 8 teams in attendance. The two days ran smoothly with fully committed teams determined to make the most of the time available. They developed a vast array of skills whilst there, all with the support of their mentors and university staff.

Throughout the two days, the students had the opportunity to have a campus tour and explore the facilities at the Department of Engineering. Pizza and games resulted in an enjoyable evening before day two.

A huge thank you to Richard Hood and the team at the university and of course the industry partners for providing advice and support. We are excited to see the projects come to fruition in May!

De Montfort University Workshop

What an exceptional time the Midlands teams had at De Montfort University. Our first time at this venue did not disappoint! With 17 teams in attendance, it was certainly a busy two days!

Thank you to all the amazing staff, in particular Manbir Sambhi, Jamie Bradford and Sarah Lewis for their warm welcome and superb preparations for the event.

The teams were able to develop their projects with the help of their mentors and the university technicians. A campus tour, and support from student ambassadors enhanced the overall experience.

If you would like to be involved with Industrial Cadets Gold project in 24/25 as a school or supporting company, please reach out now to for more information.


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