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This year we are celebrating the momentous milestone of 100,000 Industrial Cadets!



To celebrate, we will be marking the occasion with partnerships and events across the UK and in connection to Teesside where Industrial Cadets was first initiated, to launch our national and regional approach and the Industrial Cadets Ambition to reach 250,000 Industrial Cadets on the way to 1 million.


We want to celebrate the special history of Industrial Cadets in Teesside and use the opportunity to connect young people, schools, and industry in the local area and beyond with the support of our wonderful local and national partners.

Industrial Cadets started with a pilot of 24 students in Teesside in 2011 when HRH Prince of Wales challenged the STEM industry to do more to foster connections between young people and industry. We grew to 5,000 graduates in our first five years, and the explosion of activity to jump to 100,000 Industrial Cadets in the past five years is greatly encouraging.


This means;

  • 100,000 experiences where young people have been inspired, challenged, and encouraged through Industrial Cadets.


  • 100,000 experiences where young people have explored new and exciting fields of STEM.


  • 100,000 experiences where young people have connected with our diverse role models and mentors to see themselves, and their futures, in STEM.


We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this milestone and reflect on our journey with all our fantastic schools and industry partners who have worked with us to create this community.

How will we get there

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Community of partners


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"I’ve been working closely with local secondary schools on Industrial Cadets for a number of years. For me, what stands out is not just the incredibly high standard of work that the team produce, but the teamwork and collaboration they demonstrate. It’s the difference that is so noticeable between the early project stages and how they are truly working together by the end. I’ve seen students who have never coded before the project be proficient by the end.


The creativity the students show is also incredible, and this is achieved and promoted by the high levels of engagement of the teachers at each of the schools that Arm have supported. The Industrial Cadets programme offers these students the opportunity and most importantly, the motivation to push themselves and build skills and confidences they will take back into their other studies and beyond. I am proud to be an HRH Ambassador for Industrial Cadets."

- Simon Humphrey, HRH Ambassador