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Industrial Cadets

Build critical skills, celebrate achievements, and provide young people with the confidence to succeed


HRH  - Patron of Industrial Cadets

"It is hugely encouraging, that so many young people have become Industrial Cadets. It's clear to me that the rapid pace of change in the way that our industry is operating is bringing a host of new challenges and opportunities, not only in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but also of course in the creative arts"

Welcome to Industrial Cadets: an industry led quality benchmark for outreach and education programmes to build pathways through education and employment.

Promoting the development of the next generation of UK’s young minds, Industrial Cadets is a kite mark for schools and students seeking valuable and exciting STEM opportunities.

Industrial Cadets is expanding our footprint. In collaboration with partners nationwide, we are creating more opportunities for young people who need support now more than ever.

Through benchmarking outreach activities, position your organisation as an employer of choice and use pathways to deliver long term impact.

Design and accredit activities using the Industrial Cadets framework to create;

  • networks of Industrial Cadets schools and local hubs of activity

  • diverse socially mobile communities of experienced and skilled young people

  • clear progression routes for students, encouraging multiple interactions.

Students build Industrial Cadets portfolios to showcase experiences and acquired skills, celebrating progression and fostering a sense of achievement.

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Industrial Cadets Levels and Awards

IC levels.PNG

Create opportunities for young people using Industrial Cadets to help provide essential employer connections and experiences, awarding young people for their achievements whilst receiving recognition for your organisation.

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  • Join an industry recognised brand and national benchmark accreditation inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales, who is a Patron on Industrial Cadets.

  • Receive support through the quality assurance process to ensure the delivery models meet the skills and competency framework requirements.

  • Receive brand recognition, accredited status certification, and profile opportunities.

  • Benefit from the Industrial Cadets support package which gives you the chance to lead and create industry best practice.

  • Become part of the Industrial Cadets network and gain access Industrial Cadets Annual Awards, Industrial Cadets Week and the Industrial Cadets Ambition event series.

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