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About Us

Take a look at our impact report and how we have made a difference over the past year


EDT (Engineering Development Trust), offer young people active learning experiences in STE(A)M related careers, giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and exposure that will help them make decisions about their future.

Our aim is to increase interest in STE(A)M careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) through a variety of engaging and dynamic programmes for ages 9-21 that replicate experiences found in the workplace. Some examples include industry mentored projects, school activity days, specialised taster courses and industrial placements. All these programs work to develop students’ teamwork, problem solving, communication, digital skills, numeracy and project management - increasing the confidence and employability of young people.


We work with over 3,700 industry partners to build links between educators and industry employers. This enhances students understanding of the industry while also helping organisations reach talent and connect with young people across the UK.


EDT is a dedicated, nationwide charity with over 30 years of experience. Our team work with over 1,300 schools and educational institutions to deliver more than 40,000 STE(A)M experiences each year.

Take a look at the impact we have made throughout 2022/2023. Click here to view our impact report.


Striving to build a STE(A)M talent pool for the future where diversity is valued

Nurturing a generation fit for the 4th Industrial Revolution....

“EDT excites and informs young people about STEM careers to prepare them for the imminent 4th Industrial Revolution. We do not yet know the roles that will be created as a consequence of the 4th Industrial Revolution, but we do know that many traditional jobs will be displaced by AI, so it is imperative that young people develop the skills that are needed for future success”  Julie Feest, Chief Executive, EDT

Our Vision...

EDT's vision is to create a society where young people across the UK have equal access to engage with STE(A)M activities and achieve their potential in STEM careers and opportunities for further study.

Our History...

We are indebted to the late Audrey Clayton (1935-2018), who had the original idea of the Year In Industry (YINI) back in 1986. From small beginnings, YINI spread around the UK and became the leading paid placement scheme for pre-university students who sought to gain experience relating to their future career.  YINI was the foundation for the development of EDT, followed soon by the Engineering Education Scheme and other programmes, offering a continuum of real life STE(A)M experiences for 9-21 year olds.

Our Mission

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