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London Marathon 2021 Blog - Louise Harris

A huge thank you to Louise who ran the London Marathon to support and fundraise for us. Read Louise's blog below.


Just finished my last medium length run. A 10k near my parents in Reading. It felt good, but I'm constantly telling myself that it's only 25% of the total distance I'm going to run in a week, and I'm already coated in sweat and can taste the salt on my top lip. Aim for the next 6 days is to calm that inner voice that constantly reminds me about all my doubts and worries about the day...


3 days to do and I'm heading into London today to drop off my kit bag. It contains a spare set of clothes, LOTS of unhealthy food, plasters and wipes. I'll collect the bag at the end of the run, part of new 2021 COVID requirements. Seems strange that I'm already planning on what I need to do after the race, I suppose I'm planning for success, until I get there on Sunday I don't think it's going to feel real...

I've taken a couple of days off to mentally prepare myself, relax and most importantly update the music playlist! My new worry is about the life of my phone battery, that, and the weather forecast..... showers...... do I panic buy waterproof running socks?


It’s the morning of the event and I can’t quite believe it’s here, 0555 wake up, extra eggs and toast for breakfast and heading into London. I say goodbye to my support team (i.e. parents and husband) and head up for my blue wave start and soon enough we’re off!

5hrs and 12 mins later of pure excitement and adrenalin and I pass the finish line! The most amazing experience and the spectators and members of the public made the whole event. Without them I wouldn’t have made it! There was no ups and downs in emotions, just a pure high, saw some amazing musical talent on the route, met some wonderful inspiring people and the team spirit was there from the first step to the last. We ran together.

Would I recommend it to anyone else, even individuals who maybe don’t think it’s physically possible? Yes! Ignore those doubts, you’re stronger than you realise.

Would I do it again, now that’s a question…. maybe?

2022 London Marathon Ballot is open now -

If you would like to find out more about how you can support EDT, please visit our 'Support us' page here.

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