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A summary of EDT's Regional Celebration Events

As we approach the end of July and for most people the beginning of their summer holidays we thought it would be a great time to look back and reflect on our Regional Celebration events that have just finished and took place all over the country during June and July.

The events have given everyone at EDT a sense of joy and feeling of this is what it's all about as it has been the first time in 3 years that we have been able to celebrate our Industrial Cadets students amazing work in person and not via another Teams Video!

It was such a delight to go to each event and be able to meet the students from all the schools that had taken part in our Industrial Cadets Bronze and Gold programmes during the last academic year. Staff at EDT have reported back on each event they've attended and what's been overwhelming has been seeing and hearing how much the students have loved working on their STEM projects.

We've had one day celebration events in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Coventry, London, Watford, Cambridge and Bath for local schools to join together and celebrate their Industrial Cadets projects.

All of us from EDT who attended the events were overcome with just how much work the students had put into their projects. The way each and every one of them talked enthusiastically and passionately about their STEM project was just lovely to hear and warmed our hearts as this is something we've not been able to hear in person for too long!

There was a Post-disaster human detection robot, Future-proofed climate change building, Hydro-electric drain, Zero waste land, Environmental detection unit, Smart C02 monitoring unit, Irrigation drone and so many more brilliant STEM ideas. We were blown away by the work that went into each and every project by each school that took part.

We would like to thank all our Sponsors, partners and Mentors who worked with EDT and the Industrial Cadets students without whom we wouldn't be able to run such events.

Thanks to Dennis Eagle, Jacobs Engineering, Cadent Foundation, Leonardo UK, Arm, Nifty Lift, Leidos, GSK, Balfour Beatty, Taylor Woodrow, Arup, Morgan Lovell, JCB, Siemens and many more.

We were privileged to be able to use a professional photographer and videographer at some of the events too so its lovely we've been able to capture some of the moments of the celebration days across the country.

A big well done to all students who took part in 2021/22, all teachers for helping them on their Industrial Cadets level journey and we look forward to more celebration events next summer. In the meantime enjoy the summer break and roll on summer 2023 so we can go out and see more fantastic STEM projects!

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