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Physics students win the Best Overall Project award

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

A group of six Year 9 Physics students won the Best Overall Project award in their Go4SET projects. The triumphant students were Quin Capsticks, Harry Carroll, Archie Mullins, Peter Nnadi, Will Pearce and Jeremiah Simon, who named their Go4SET team The Ratcliffe Revolutionaries.

Their Eco-School project was an inspirational piece of work, and was highly commended at the Celebration Event, held at De Montfort University on Monday 9th December. Their spectacular model and insightful report impressed all the judges, who stated that the project was fantastic. The students’ inspirational mentor, Tunde Sobola, Managing Director of Green Heart Clean, claimed that the results of the project were brilliant and that the students’ interesting and realistic design features could certainly be adapted for any future building projects. Their school design had many interesting features, including their inverted cone shaped roof, lined with solar cells. When it rains, the rainfall would clean the solar cells and cause a cooling effect, improving the solar cells’ efficiency. The inverted cone shaped roof would also catch the rainfall and divert it through a turbine system to generate electricity. The water would then be filtered and cleaned, and used in the building as drinking water. What a clever idea!

Here you can see the team’s model, with the inverted cone-shaped roof. You can also see the business cards that The Ratcliffe Revolutionaries made, proving just how seriously they took the competition!

We also had 13 other Year 9 students from Ratcliffe College who took part in the competition, making up two teams, the Geyser Chiefs and Hotel Treevago. Both of these teams designed Eco-Hotels, and received much praise for their projects. The students in the Geyser Chiefs team were George Atkinson, Robbie Clark, Stefan El-Fady, Nyah Gill, Felix Jackson, Rocco Lanza and Gizella Perrins. The Geyser Chiefs designed a hotel, situated in Iceland, that used geothermal energy to provide both electricity and heating. The students in the Hotel Treevago team were Sam Davies, David Ipinmoye, Ed Offer, Matt Pietrzyk, Aadi Thakrar and Alfie Thompson. The Hotel Treevago team designed a treehouse hotel situated in forests of Trehörningsskogen in Sweden.

Taking part in the Go4SET scheme has given the students an insight into how engineers work and the problems that they have to overcome on a daily basis. Both teams deserve much credit for their efforts, and indeed, winning the Best Overall Project award is a fantastic achievement by our students and we are very proud of them.

The Geyser Chiefs

Hotel Treevago

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