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Students receive Gold level Industrial Cadets award at Mazak

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Since partnering with the EDT, Yamazaki Mazak has demonstrated outstanding commitment to both the Industrial Cadets initiative, and the wider engagement with young people as a whole.

Mazak is the world leader in the manufacture and development of CNC Machine tools. As part of its ongoing dedication to developing the skills of the next generation of engineers, Mazak has offered the ‘Silver Award’ Industrial Cadets experience. However, the company has now also registered for accreditations in both Gold and Bronze levels.

In September 2018, a group of GCSE Design & Technology students from Tudor Grange Academy Worcester were set the challenge of designing a product which could be used to showcase the capabilities of Mazak machine tools at various trade shows.

The following January, the students were required to present their ideas back to Mazak. The best six students were then invited to take part in Mazak’s Industrial Cadets Gold Week in July, where they took part in a variety of hands-on and practical activities, as well as a number of teambuilding sessions. The week culminated with the exciting opportunity of seeing the two winning designs being manufactured on-site in front of them.

Chris Morris, Apprentice and Future Workforce Training Manager at Yamazaki Mazak, said: “As this was our first attempt at delivering a Gold-accredited Industrial Cadets Week, I was uncertain as to whether it would be as successful as our previous efforts. However, any doubts were alleviated very quickly and the week was a triumph. The students were fantastic and fully engaged in the scheme. We were able to relate most of the departmental presentations back to their design brief which worked really well. Everyone who interacted with the students praised them for their endeavours, respect and the fact that they showed a genuine interest in what they were doing.

“The students who participated in the Gold WEX accreditation, were comfortably among the best we’ve ever had and we can’t wait to see what direction their careers take. You never know, we may see them back again at Mazak in the near future as part our apprenticeship scheme.”

Some of the students who completed the Industrial Cadets Gold level added:

“I think the most interesting and important part of the day was the factory tour. Being able to walk through the factory helped us all get used to the noise and get an idea of how the different parts are made.”

“We started off the day with a brief ice-breaker, and then we went to receive our Mazak Apprentice's uniform. This was very exciting, and I loved getting to wear the Mazak uniform for the week; it made me feel like a proper part of the Mazak team!”

“Every single Mazak employee was polite and made us feel welcome. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t say hello or hold the door for us, which really helped with us get more comfortable in that environment.”

“We had a very informative presentation that taught us about the different machines made at Mazak UK and around the world. While listening to the presentation, I was very impressed by the range of the machines Mazak has to offer.”

“We both really enjoyed the experience and we are sad that it was our last day down in the factory.”

To date, 196 students have completed a range of Industrial Cadets accreditations at Mazak.

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