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Competition Time


Giving YOUNG PEOPLE opportunities to explore and experience STEM in a unique and virtual way. 

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope
Geometry Tools
Using the Computer
Students in a Science Class
A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

 On Track to Success


Ages 11 - 14

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Steam-train and station experiences in Birmingham and Glasgow


unique supported opportunities towards Rail apprenticeships and careers

Ages 14+

EDT and Network Rail will work with prize-winners to offer you the best prizes for your age-range and location.

To Enter 

Tell us how you will use stem to reach a big destination in your life.
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  • minecraft

  • poster

  • short story

  • lego

  • comic strip

  • drawing a picture

  • Kitchen, toilet rolls, cereal boxes

  • anything really!

Time to get creative!

Share your participation!  #EDTOntracktosuccess 


Looking for inspiration for your entry? 


I really wasn’t sure which subjects I wanted to take in school, but EDT helped me to build my confidence and learn about the world of science. Without my experience with EDT, I wouldn’t have learnt about the numerous careers in STEM.

I wouldn’t have proved to myself that through hard work and dedication I could achieve both Bronze and Silver Industrial Cadet Awards in just 1 year.

It also proves that anybody can do anything.


I can’t wait for the Gold Award!

As an autistic person, many people thought I wasn’t capable of completing the course, but I proved them all wrong!


Now I’m a step closer to achieving my goal of being a Pharmacist.

My name is Adam, and EDT is helping me to achieve my dreams!

Give the gift of learning to young people

Meet our Network Rail Supporters

jugdip young.jpg

Hi! I'm Jugdip

Jugdip now_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Now I am a Chartered Civil Engineer

This was me when I was 11 starting secondary school

I always wanted to make a difference to the world we live in and had a passion for building things

Jugdip Singh Nandra

Chartered Civil Engineer


I used STEM by studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-Levels, which led me to studying Civil Engineering at University.

I am now a Chartered Civil Engineer and work as a Senior Asset Engineer for Network Rail. I am responsible for managing thousands of structures and making sure trains can safely run over/under bridges and through tunnels. Some of these bridges have been standing for over 100 years, so it can be a challenge to decide which ones need to be rebuilt or repaired.



Using my STEM experiences, I was recently part of a project electrifying a section of the rail network, which involved increasing the speed on the route and introducing new greener and faster electric trains. This will help improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions on the railway.

Jade then.jpg

Hi! I'm Jade

Jade now_edited.jpg

If I could give my younger self advice, it would simply be – Believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

At age 18, I was a carer and spent 5 years looking after a disabled person

Sometimes I look back at my journey and wonder how I ever made it this far. 


Jade Perry

Programme Integration Manager

At 25 I had no job experience, no confidence, no prospects and very low self-esteem. I applied for hundreds of jobs with no responses other than a few rejections. I started doing temp work (I spent 8 weeks moving files from boxes, was a receptionist, traffic monitor and did data entry) eventually I worked with a construction and engineering charity finding placements for young people into apprenticeships.


I was inspired by these students, many with few GCSE’s, who were learning new skills, pushing their own boundaries and becoming valued workers. With my work experience gained from temping, I managed to secure a role with EDF Energy. Over the following 15 years I worked hard, completing my degree whilst working full time and training to compete in the European and world swimming championships. I challenged myself every day to try and catch up to other people my age, to learn new things and to add value to the teams I worked with.


7 years ago I joined Network Rail as a project planner, I sought opportunities to improve the way we worked and challenged senior leaders to think differently. My confidence grew, people started listening to me, I became a Senior Planner, then a Strategic Development Manager and I am currently a Power Systems Integration Manager for the North West and Central Region.

Sometimes I was the only female in the room, often the least experienced, and frequently terrified, yet I always fell back on what those apprentices taught me, perseverance and courage.


Simon then.png

Hi! I'm Simon

Simon now_edited_edited.jpg

I’m now a Senior Network Delivery Manager for Sussex and Kent Routes at Network Rail.

 This was me when I was at school.


Simon Baker

Senior Network Delivery Manager

I wasn’t very good at academic work at school but was quite creative and loved inventing and making things. I enjoyed messing about with computers and when I went to Uni I paid my way earning money from fixing computers and building websites. 

We didn’t have STEM programmes when I went to school but I was lucky to have a really inspirational maths teacher Mr Aylward who inspired me to improve my maths which helped me to progress.


How about you?


Tell us how you’ll use STEM to travel far in life