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Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at
Aston University 

See how Chemical Engineers and Chemists are working to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, fight the rising tide of plastic pollution and secure our planets future!

What is it all about?

The Insight into University course at Aston is organised around the interdisciplinary activities of the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry department. The department is currently working with industry and various organisations on varied projects, from making diesel and aviation fuel from plant waste, to next generation plastics that could revolutionise battery technology and medicine whilst being kinder to our planet.

What will I be doing? 

  • The course activities may include:

  • Group projects researching solutions to cutting edge research questions in sustainability.

  • Practical laboratory classes on topics such as fabricating and testing next generation energy storage devices.

  • Tours and interactive activities in our plant waste powered, on site, pilot scale energy plant.

  • In depth data analysis, learning how to analyse and extract vital performance information from experiments and operations linked to sustainability.

  • Group presentations, the course will conclude with you presenting your research project findings to the other students on the course.

Will this course suit me? 

For this course students MUST be studying Chemistry and it would be preferable if they were also studying Mathematics but this is not essential. You should have a keen interest in sustainability and be excited by ideas and concepts around how we can make our planet a better place. Finally you should be ready and willing to work as part of a team, as working on these big challenges requires team players!

Who will be on this course?

This is a mixed course for 30 students.  

Dates of course?

 Monday 5th August – Friday 9th August 2024 (4 nights residential)

Price of course?

£550 (Bursaries are also available)

If you have any further questions, please enquire or visit our FAQ's page.

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