Residential Insight into University

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FAQ'a about Residential Insight into University


General Information 


Where and when will the course take place?

We run a range of courses throughout the summer 2022. For more information on specific courses and date please click here.

How much do the residential Insight into University courses cost?
Insight into University courses in 2022 are offered at a subsidised rate of £375 for 3 nights residential and £475 for 4 nights residential courses.


What if the cost is prohibitive for me? 

We have limited bursary places available for students who require financial assistance in order to access the course.  Please indicated your interest on the application form and we will contact you to see if we are able to help with funding.


When is the payment required?

Unless otherwise agreed, your payment is required within a week of receiving your offer email. An offer may be withdrawn if no payment is received.


What is the cancellation policy?
If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. Places on each course are limited and the cost of the course is based on it being full. Refunds are not available, unless cancelled within 14 days of payment as stated in the terms and acceptance form.

If, due to Covid restrictions, the course cannot run as a face-to-face event at the university, then the course will be delivered by the academics as a virtual event on the same dates.  Students will be refunded the portion of their course fee that covers accommodation, food and social activities and full details of this amount can be found in your course offer letter.


Application process

How do I apply?
You can apply online for a Residential Insight into University course by clicking here. When you've completed your application, please add our email address to your email contacts or safe senders list.  This is very important as when we send out offers and important emails, these could be placed in your junk folder or removed by your spam filters if we're not in your address book.


What is the deadline for applications?

There isn’t a deadline for applications, but the allocations for courses are ongoing. These courses are always very popular, and because places on each course are limited, we recommend applying early and advise students to really think about what to write on their personal statement (approx. 200 - 250 words) to tell us why they would like to do the specific course, which subjects they are currently studying and their predicted grades.


What happens once I've applied?
You will receive an automated email confirming that we've received your application. It will then be processed by our student recruitment team, and you can expect to hear from us within 28 days.


How are offers made?
If you are offered a place on a course, we'll send you an offer email, with an acceptance deadline by which you can secure your place.


I did not do AS/A2 exams.  Do you accept IB, IGCSE and other qualifications?
Yes, we accept all qualifications equal to AS and A2 level exams, simply give us details in your personal statement.


Do you accept international students or students from the EU? 

Our residential courses are only open to UK students.  Students from outside the UK are welcome to register for our Virtual Insight into University course where they will be able to access much of the same content.


Can my friend go on the same Insight into University course as me?
Unfortunately we are not usually able to allocate more than 1 student from each school on the same course.  Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be placed on the same course as a friend.


Can l attend more than one course?
Due to the popularity of the courses, we can only allocate one course place per student.


Can I swap courses if I change my mind about the place I accept?
We're sorry but it's unlikely that we'll be able to arrange a swap. You can cancel your place at any time, but we cannot guarantee that an alternative will be available, and you will not receive a refund.


l've submitted my application, but I need to change or add something.
Don't worry, just send an email to with the new information and we'll add it to your application for you. Please DO NOT create a new application.


On the course

How will you manage my safety?

All students will be expected to adhere to any Covid safety precautions (i.e masks/ hand sanitising) that are in place at the university at the time of the course.

Our safeguards are described on our EDT’s Safeguarding Policy, EDT’s Online Policy and EDT’s Privacy Policy


Where will I be staying?
These are residential courses you'll stay in university halls of residence, with an overnight Insight into University supervisor taking care of you.  Please make sure that you do not make any arrangements to leave during the course period as the universities do not allow this.


I have other commitments so can I arrive late or leave early?
Insight into University courses are very over-subscribed, universities expect the students who are selected to participate fully.

Some of the summer schools run during the school time, however schools normally support and encourage students to take part in these sorts of academic activities. It is student’s responsibility to check with their school that they'll release them for a course if the preferred course runs in term time, and also to check dates for clashes with DoE or CCF trips, work experience and family holidays booked etc.

Before applying for the course, please make sure you can fully commit to the course.


Is it just like being at uni?
The Insight into University courses are aimed at students who are currently in Year 12/S5 to give a flavour of being at uni.  All students on the course will be under 18 and we have certain legal responsibilities to keep you safe. This means that although we'd love to give you complete freedom during the course, do forgive us if we have to do an extra headcount from time to time or sign you back in after a visit somewhere. So that everyone gets the maximum out of the course, we'll ask you accept our code of conduct, agreeing to behave appropriately.  All courses are no smoking, no vaping and recreational drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden.


Are we able to leave the course at any time?
No. You are only permitted to leave the course if you are sent home or if you are ill and the university arrange it with your parent/guardian.


Can I travel daily to the course if it is local to where I live?
As Insight into University courses are residential experiences, and will include evening activities to participate in, you are not permitted to leave the course.


Further Information


Can the Insight into University courses be used for the Residential section of my Duke of Edinburgh's Award?
Insight into University courses could possibly count as a Residential activity for your DofE.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the requirements of the Residential section, and we recommend that you check with your DofE Leader over the type of activity and duration to ensure suitability.


How do we get our Duke of Edinburgh Assessor report card signed?
If the Insight into University course you’re attending qualifies for your DofE you can bring your Assessor report cards to the course and ask your Insight into University supervisor to sign it.


Need to get in touch?
If you need to contact us, please email us at  And join our EDT and Industrial Cadets Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep in touch.