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University of Sheffield - Environmental Science

Environmental Science and Geography at Sheffield


Explore, discover and protect the environment


Our environment is changing faster than ever known to humanity. Both environmental science and geography deal with many global, regional and local challenges facing the world today such as the quality of the air we breathe, quality of water and food we consume, sustainable use of Earth’s resources, food and fuel security, melting ice caps, and beyond these. These subjects will help you to comprehend the underpinning science of processes and drivers of current and emerging environmental problems.

Do you have a passion for Environmental Science and Geography? Do you want to learn more about the role science can play in developing solutions to these problems? This hands-on Headstart summer school aims to widen your knowledge of Environmental Sciences and Geography and illustrate their importance as we try to respond to global environmental crises.


You will experience the life of an undergraduate student by attending lectures, field and laboratory work related to understanding environmental processes and problems at a range of scales. You will undertake a group research project and communicate the results. As well as being taught by world-leading academics, the Headstart summer school includes staying in student accommodation and taking part in a range of sports and social activities.


What will I be doing?


You will be involved in all aspects of student life, typical of the courses offered at Sheffield. These include:


• Lectures: Understand Earth’s processes, current and emerging global challenges and the UN sustainable development goals.
• Computing skills: Geographical Information System (GIS) is a core skill for Geography and Environmental sciences. You will acquire practical experience in using GIS.

• Fieldwork: You will have a day trip to the Peak District National Park to understand its landscape and ecology.
• Laboratory skills: You will learn about water quality measurements in our teaching labs, including data interpretation.

  • Environment and Society: We will discuss current environmental debates and explore the opportunities in linking science and society.

• Science Communication: You will gain practical experience on how to inform and educate people through a group project and an oral presentation.



Would this course suit me?


If you are looking for a challenge and are excited about getting your hands dirty, then this course is for you. The wide variety of subjects covered in this course requires a broad mindset. If you are interested in biology, conservation, chemistry, geography or geology but are not sure which one is for you, this course will help you to understand the differences between subject areas. The University is located close to Sheffield’s city centre and the Peak District National Park, making it one of the greenest cities in the UK.


What do I need to be suitable?


Passion for protecting the environment and studying a science (Biology, Geography, Chemistry or Environmental science) at A level or equivalent.


Course Code: SHSHS20

Course Dates: 10.00 on Tuesday, 21 July 2020  to 16.00 on Friday, 24 July 2020  (4 days residential)

University of Sheffield - Environmental Science

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