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University of Oxford - Broad Based Engineering

Engineering options at Oxford


"It was a fantastic week, really opened my eyes to the entire world of engineering."


What’s it all about?


Headstart at Oxford provides the opportunity to try out undergraduate life with lectures, experimental work and projects in the University's Engineering Science Department. You will also experience social life based at an Oxford college.

What will I be doing?


Some exciting, hands-on activities and visits which may include:
• Stay in one of Oxford University’s Colleges
• Attend lectures covering a range of engineering topics
• Visit local industries
• Participate in a design and build competition
• Experience life as a first year Undergraduate at Oxford


Would this course suit me?


If you are interested in any of the following subjects this course is for you:
• Civil engineering: design, build and testing of a structure
• Fluid mechanics: see interesting things happen when water flows at high speed
• Properties of modern materials
• Electronics: build and test an electronic circuit
• Optoelectronics: understand how signals travel down an optical fibre
• Robotics: learn to write a control program for a robot

What do I need to be suitable?


Oxford is a prestigious and internally renowned research led historical university. Entry to degree programmes is very competitive and requires the highest academic level of attainment and this is reflected in the number of applications received for this Headstart course.


Course code: OXFHS20

Course dates: 17.00 on Sunday, 5 July 2020 to 16.30 on Thursday, 9 July 2020  (5 days residential)



University of Oxford - Broad Based Engineering

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