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University of Glasgow - Electronics (UKESF) at Glasgow

Electronics: Helping to Create our Future


The world that we live in is constantly evolving and technology is at the very heart of this change. Only a generation ago you were lucky if your family had a landline phone in their home. Now, everyone has a mobile phone capable of incredible things, containing highly complex processors, advanced communications and all packed with electronics.


  • developments in electronics mean we can develop innovative products and help transform the way we live; from health care and medicine to entertainment. In the future, we will see cities with transportation, energy consumption, security and water use all improved through Electronics. Electronics enables engineers and inventors to create solutions that tackle the World’s problems and to improve lives.


The Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at The University of Glasgow sits within the James Watt School of Engineering; the department is part of the oldest School of Engineering within the UK. Both the school and the department are built on a strong foundation of innovative and forward-thinking research that not only has close ties with industry but is also informed by industry. Our world leading research covers many different areas including Communications, sensing and Imaging; Energy; Smart Transport; Nano and Quantum Technology, and Bio-inspired electronics, which includes Bendable and Sensing Technologies, Electronic Skin and wearable systems. The School is home to many centres for excellence, which include the James Watt Nano-Fabrication centre, The Scottish 5G Centre and QuantIC.


The UKESF’s mission is to encourage more young people to study Electronics and to pursue careers in the sector, ensuring that more schoolchildren are aware of Electronics and the opportunities available, helping them to develop their interest through to university study. At university, we support undergraduates and prepare them for the workplace. To find out more about the UKESF please click here.


What’s it all about?


The course aims to excite you about studying electronics at university. It will also provide a flavour of the non-academic side of undergraduate life.

You will experience lectures and hands-on challenges with academics and students, and you’ll learn about the range of electronic engineering degree programmes available. The academic programme will include lectures on a range of subjects such as communications, robotics, renewable energy, electronics in music applications, and bio-inspired electronics. You will live as students in Halls of Residence and there will be lots of organised social activities alongside the academic programme.

This course will show you how stimulating and varied electronic engineering can be as a career and the important role it plays in the technological advances valued by society.


What will I be doing?


• Ultimately, finding out what electronic engineering is all about and how a university degree can lead to a fulfilling and well-paid job.

• Getting involved with hands-on team “design and build electronics” as part of laboratory sessions.

• Attending lectures (by experts in the field) to learn about current new areas of research in Electronic Engineering.

• Meeting graduate engineers from world-leading electronic engineering companies who will talk about their exciting jobs.

• Developing many other skills during practical sessions including team-working and communication.

• A Visit to see some exciting applications of electronic technologies.

• Exploring what life at university might be like, attending social events and meeting current students who can give you the very best advice.

• And last, but not least, learn how you can be a Future World Changer!


Course code: GLXHS20

Course dates: 10.00 on Monday, 20 July 2020 to 14.00 on Thursday, 23 July 2020 (4 day residential)


University of Glasgow - Electronics (UKESF) at Glasgow

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