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De Montfort University - Insights into the Future of Engineering and Computing

 Insights into the Future of Engineering and Computing


De Montfort University is inviting Year 12 students to join us for a 4 day interdisciplinary experience in the areas of Computing and Engineering. The fourth industrial revolution is changing the way we do and see things and the Schools of Computer Science and Informatics and Engineering and Sustainable Development are pioneers not only in adapting but also shaping the future.


The course

This 4-day non-residential course is designed in such a way that students can experience the many different areas we offer and that they can study in the future. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we will be offering exceptionally designed sessions to expose students to the fascinating world of Engineering and Computing.


What will I be doing?

The sessions will not only demonstrate what you can do and expect in each field, but also, how the two areas interact with each other. You will be offered personalised careers sessions to explore your individual strengths and interests, and we will help you to identify how you best fit in the areas of Engineering and Computing. The sessions will be interactive, you will have the opportunity to meet inspirational role models in the field and experience true immersive sessions.


Would this course suit me?

The course is suitable for anyone that has either decided to go in a similar field or would like to explore further Computing and Engineering.


This course is non-residential and students must be able to travel to De Montfort University in Leicester each day.


For those students who live more than 1 hour’s commuting distance from De Montfort University, you will need to organise suitable accommodation locally for the duration of the course (4 days).



Course code: DMUHS20


Course dates: Tuesday 23 June - Friday 26 June 2020,  (4 days Non-residential) 09:00 – 16:00 each day

De Montfort University - Insights into the Future of Engineering and Computing

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