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University College London - Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering at UCL: Finding sustainable solutions for a sustainable planet


Situated in the heart of London on the main campus of UCL (University College London), the department is one of the top research and teaching Chemical Engineering departments in the UK, achieving world class standing. We educate chemical engineers how to play an integral role in finding solutions to some of the grand challenges the world is currently facing; such as sustainability, energy, food and drink, water, and bioprocessing.


What’s it all about?


The goal of this Headstart course is to provide students with an understanding of what a career in chemical engineering might entail, which skills are required and how a typical chemical engineering project may be approached and tackled.


What will I be doing?


You will experience life as a first year student by staying in undergraduate halls of residence. You will participate in practical activities which enable you to meet fantastic engineering role models, engage in hands-on workshops and laboratory sessions, as well as receive information related to admissions and future career prospects.


The range of activities will include:

  • Lectures and presentations
  • Practical workshops
  • Laboratory sessions
  • Team challenges
  • Social events


Would this course suit me?

Are you creative? Can you think outside the box? Do you like challenges? Would you like to make a positive change in the world? Are you interested in maths, physics and chemistry - but do not necessarily see yourself as a mathematician or a scientist? Then this course would suit you.


What do I need to be suitable?


To attend the course, you need an interest in engineering and a desire to solve problems. To study for a chemical engineering degree at UCL you need to be studying Mathematics and Chemistry ‘A’ levels, or an equivalent qualification.


Course code: UCHHS20

Course dates: 11.00 on Monday, 22 June 2020 to 17.00 on Thursday, 25 June 2020 (4 days residential)

University College London - Chemical Engineering

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