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EDT ran its first joint Industrial Cadets Graduation Day!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Last month, we celebrated a joint Go4SET and EES Industrial Cadets Graduation Day with First Edition and Big Bang South West Judges. This was held at Plymouth University where several companies joined us on the day, including Arcadis, Collins Aerospace, Babcock International and National Marine Aquarium.

This has been one of the first EDT events that seen students graduate as Industrial Cadets on Challenger, Bronze and Gold Levels via EDT run programmes. It not only has been a collaboration of EDT own programmes, but also involved Big Bang Judges judging the Go4SET projects with two going straight to the National finals in Birmingham. After the event, one of the EES team also entered Big Bang competition with successful entry to the finals. The event seen over 200 students from Year 7’s to Year 12’s displaying their STEM project and taking part in STEM activities.

Well done to all who participated and congratulations to the winners below:

  • EES Contribution to the Business Award sponsored by the Royal Navy went to Devonport High School for Boys who worked on ‘Autonomous way-point tracking RC boat’.

  • EES Innovation Award sponsored by Airbus went to UTC Plymouth who worked on ‘Design and Manufacture an on-board stretcher’.

  • EES Pupils’ Choice went to Tor Bridge High who worked on ‘Automated Pipe Cleaner’.

  • First Edition ‘Strong Structures’ winners were All Saint’s Academy and ‘Roller Coaster’ winners were Mount Kelly.

  • The two Go4SET teams that went to win an entry to the Birmingham NSEC (National Science and Engineering Competition) finals were Mount Kelly with ‘Plastic Recovery from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and Pilton Community College Team B with ‘Hotelly Green’.

  • Go4SET Pupils’ Choice went to Mount Kelly team with ‘Plastic Recovery from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’.

  • Go4SET Teamwork Award went to Plymstock School with ‘My School is an Island’.

  • Go4SET Best Sustainability Award went to St Peter’s Church of England Aided School Team B with ‘Our School is an Island 2019’.

  • Go4SET Most Innovative Award went to Courtfields School with ‘Green Stitch’.

  • Go4SET Best Overall Award went to Pilton Community College Team B with ‘Hotelly Green’.

UTC Plymouth who worked on ‘Design and Manufacture an on-board stretcher’ entered the Big Bang Competition after the event and has successfully won an entry to the National finals in Birmingham.

The feedback from the assessors and employers were very positive – they were impressed by the enthusiasm and understanding of each team.

“To be honest this felt like the best event yet, the level of engagement from the students was infectious. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to judge the winners when the overall quality is that high. Really impressed with the new schools this year, and let’s not forget the efforts of the mentors” James Ralph, Met Office

“The students were really engaged and confident during the presentations and assessments. It was a great way of giving young engineers an insight into the industry.

The projects were really detailed and really quite impressive. Especially considering the students have many other commitments as well and have classes alongside the program as well.

There was a lot of support for the students, mentors and assessors throughout the program and this was so valuable to the overall experience it created.” Katie Howard, Collins Aerospace

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