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with EDT Placements

We are currently seeking volunteer mentors in the North West of England (Manchester/Leeds/Huddersfield area.)  Mentoring a young person can be so rewarding,


Quote from our fantastic mentors Angela.

“After judging the EDT Scotland Year In Industry Awards this year, I became a volunteer Mentor with EDT to two Year In Industry Placement  Students who are on placements with Scottish Power in Glasgow.


There are huge benefits in mentoring students including helping them focus on personal development, being a trusted sounding board and supporting them, as required, navigate their future career options. I have met with the students and their managers and it is great to see the tangible benefits that a placement offers students in terms of work experience, skills and confidence. I am enjoying sharing my experience, insights and supporting these young people to develop and progress.


I find it rewarding to be a mentor and it’s brilliant to see young people develop and get to grips with the world of work before completing their degree or taking on an apprenticeship or other role. I have acted as a coach and mentor to a number of graduates, apprentices and students over the years and I definitely recommend it.” Angela Elliott – EDT YINI Placements Mentor



Being mentored is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities. Having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced mentor can provide a mentee with a broad range of personal and professional benefits.


For mentees, some key benefits of business mentoring include:

  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

  • Advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses

  • Guidance on professional development and advancement

  • Increased visibility and recognition within the company

  • The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge


Benefits for mentors

Mentoring is more than the transfer of advice and knowledge. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest their time in developing a placement student.

As well as the personal satisfaction of sharing their skills and experience with a willing learner, being involved in mentoring also provides some great benefits that can reward mentors professionally.


Some key benefits for mentors include:

  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader

  • Exposure to fresh, ideas and approaches

  • Personal/professional development

  • Opportunity to reflect on their own aspirations and practices

  • Development of leadership skills and effectiveness

  • Giving something back and developing the next generation


Contact us

If you are interested please contact Mel Powell .  Travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

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