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Materials Science at University of Cambridge 

This course at the University of Cambridge is designed to give you an insight into Materials Science and a flavour of what life is like as an undergraduate here.  You’ll be based in Churchill College but attend lectures and carry out practical work at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy. 

What is it all about?

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary subject, which combines elements of physics, chemistry, engineering and even biology.  We study how the properties of a material are affected by its structure and the way it has been processed, and the subject has applications in every aspect of our daily lives, from computer chips to prosthetics and from buildings to clean energy. 

Materials Science at Cambridge forms part of the Natural Sciences Tripos, which enables students to experience a wide range of subjects during their first two years of study.  

What will I be doing? 

Academic staff and students will introduce you to a range of Materials Science activities which will include:  

  •  lectures on a variety of topics, such as atomic structure, mechanical properties, and biomedical materials 

  •  hands-on practical sessions where you will carry out experiments similar to those performed by undergraduates 

  •  team projects 

  • admissions information 

Will this course suit me? 

If you would like a challenging and intensive Insight into University course covering a range of Materials Science topics, then this is for you. 


A good understanding of maths and science will enable you to appreciate all aspects of Materials Science. To study for a Natural Sciences degree at Cambridge University requires the highest academic grades and a passionate interest in science – this course reflects these requirements. 


This course is only available to students who attend non-selective state schools. 

Who will be on this course?

This will be a mixed course with 36 student places available.

Dates of course?

30th June – 4th July (4 nights residential) 

Price of course?

£550 (Bursaries are also available)


“This was honestly an amazing experience and opportunity that really throws you in the deep end of university education. For me this has given me certainty in my decision to continue in the STEM field into higher education and given me a thorough introduction into material science both in the practical applications and in the theory and science underlying everything.” 

“It was amazing, really interesting and has helped me put my university choices into perspective.” 

“It was really great both to meet new people with similar interests and to learn more about Cambridge and the material science department. I definitely learnt a lot about the uni, the college, the course and the subject itself.” 

If you have any further questions, please enquire or visit our FAQ's page.

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