Register for YINI

Thank you for your interest in the EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI) Placement scheme


Applications are now open for the placement year 22/23. In order to be considered for a placement, you will need to register with YINI, please follow the instructions below.



1. Fill in our on-line form by clicking here. This is a free service for students and there is no fee to pay.

2. Select your preferred region

3. Once you have submitted your on-line form, our Placements Applications team will review your application and email you with further instructions.

4. Once you are accepted onto the scheme, we will ask you to provide the 'right to work' documentation and the completed YINI CV template.      


5. You will then be invited to arrange a telephone interview with the EDT Placements team, to discuss what kind of placement you are looking for.

6. Thereafter, we will tell you about roles you can apply for, send your CV to companies, and arrange company interviews for you.          

7. If successful, you will be offered a placement and will join the company in the summer/ autumn and remain registered with EDT for Placement support and access to scheme resources.



We look forward to receiving your application! 

We will share your CV with companies for potential placements that match your requirements. You can withdraw from the scheme at any time by emailing

Your contact details will only be shared with a company and with your EDT Mentor once you have had a verbal offer of employment and verbally accepted. This is to enable the company to send you the formal offer letter and contract and for your mentor to contact you and provide support during your placement. In any other instance your specific permission will be requested.

We will hold your records for 6 years, providing you with a continued option to ‘opt out’ of further contact. After 6 years you will be asked to ‘opt in’ for further contact.