When do placements start and finish?

Most placements start in August / September and finish in July / August of the following year but this can vary. Placements are between 10-12 months.

Where are placements located?

Placements are available throughout the UK and flexibility on your location will increase your placement opportunities, although we will always try to place you in your preferred location. YINI can be a great opportunity to explore another part of the country. Around a third of students choose to live away from home.

Can I choose where i work?

You can request specific companies you’d like us to approach on your application form, and we are happy to follow these up. We aim to match you with the company best-placed to give you relevant experience but we cannot guarantee a placement in a specific company.

What kind of work will I do?

Individual placements are highly diverse. They might involve carrying out research, designing prototypes, planning projects, handling customer queries or devising networking methods. We only work with companies who can guarantee you work with senior staff on projects addressing real business issues.

How much will I be paid?

Typically, students can earn from approximately £12,000 up to £17,000, dependant upon age, experience and company salary structure.

Are there opportunities for sponsorship or graduate employment?

Yes. Many companies use the YINI scheme to select graduate recruits, around a quarter of students are sponsored through university and even more are guaranteed holiday work.

Will my university mind me taking a year out with YINI?

Many universities actively endorse The Year in Industry programme, and recognise how it helps pre-university students develop both intellectually and emotionally. If you are thinking of deferring your university entry you should tell your university admissions tutor (explaining why) and check the deadline for deferrals. If you are undertaking a degree with the option or expectation of taking a year out for industrial experience (typically known as a 'sandwich' year, then your university will already acknowledge the value of YINI).

What support does YINI offer during the year?

You receive guidance from your regional team and an industrial mentor and you are assigned a manager with the company. You will also get the chance to meet other Year in Industry students and benefit from free optional Master Class Workshops to support your continued professional development.


Placed YINI students now have the opportunity to gain Platinum Level accreditation through the Industrial Cadet (IC) programme for the work they complete during their YINI placement. YINI students will complete a competency and skills based logbook and be able to support their own continued professional development even further by attending optional Workshops through the Master Class Series.

Won't my mathematical skills fade during a year out?

You will continually be applying theory in a practical context which will enhance your skills. Students who secure a placement through YINI will have access to a bespoke on-line Maths course provided by the Mathematics in Education and Industry organisation www.mei.org.uk. The course covers selected topics from A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics relevant to maths and maths-related courses in higher education. The course is designed to enable pre-university YINI participants to consolidate and develop maths skills while they spend a year in industry prior to university entry. The course costs £90 and is only available to students once they have confirmed their placement through YINI.

How do I apply?

Apply online here. Once you have registered we will contact you to discuss the next stage of the application process.

Am I guaranteed a placement?

No. As students are employed directly by the company, YINI cannot guarantee a placement for every applicant. However students applying early and being flexible about the type of work will certainly increase their chances.

Am I eligible?

YINI welcomes students who are:
• Eligible to work in the UK
• A-Level/Higher/Advanced Higher and Undergraduate students who are looking for work placements within science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM). This includes a number of business and commercial roles with the STEM companies EDT partners.

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