Working with placement students

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An opportunity to engage with young people through Year in Industry Placement programme

The Year in Industry is a leading provider of UK-based work placements.

Employers' appetite to recruit more young talent, against a backdrop of widening skills shortages in STEM, is increasing. However, attracting the best young people into their company has been a challenge for many employers. The Year in Industry programme can help you meet this challenge and much more. Each year 1000’s of the UK's sharpest young people apply to the scheme, searching for challenging work experience in a year out before or during their degree course. ​

We specialise in providing talented young people with high-quality placements in all areas of engineering, science, computing and business. Our partner companies benefit from cost-effective access to enthusiastic, hard working young people who are serious about their careers and keen to get ahead.

How to get involved

As one of the leading placement providers in the UK, hundreds of companies, from small to medium enterprises to multinationals have already taken advantage of our unique scheme – find out more by contacting our team here.

How much does it cost?

A contribution of £1,995 plus VAT helps to cover the costs of recruitment, off-the-job training, running of the scheme and support throughout the placement.



  • Access to talented and dedicated students to drive your business forward

  • An extra person in your team just when you need it

  • The opportunity to tackle short projects effectively for yourself and your clients

  • The ability to tackle emerging issues such as environmental audits

  • A way to tackle existing problems that you don’t have time to address

  • The opportunity to enhance the UK’s future workforce

  • Employers frequently re-employ their industrial placement students after they graduate

What are the benefits of hiring a YINI student?


"It allowed us to bring bright enthusiastic young people into the team, with whom we could train the ‘AnTech’ way."


Develop your business


You need more STE(A)M professionals and we will help you get them, including apprenticeship opportunities