STEM Family Challenge

Family members are a major influence on a young person’s career pathway

This event has been designed to give families an understanding of some of the courses and careers available in STE(A)M as well as give them the opportunity to work in their family teams on a fun ‘hands on’ challenge – for which no prior STEM knowledge is needed. 

By informing families about the benefits of studying STE(A)M, and the opportunities afforded in this area, children and their families are able to make educated choices on study and careers options.

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Families can be confident and actively involved in helping the young person make informed decisions about STE(A)M subjects and possible education and career paths.

One of the many benefits about the programme is its ability to engage with children of all ages who are in secondary school education (Year 7/P7 and upwards), participants also do not need any prior knowledge of STE(A)M to participate, so anyone can get involved. 

 “research shows parental involvement in children’s learning is a key factor in improving children’s academic attainment and achievements.”

Hosting a STEM Family Challenge event provides a unique opportunity for schools and companies to build and enhance relationships with young people and family members. 
The event engages and inspires families by demonstrating how interesting and rewarding a career within STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths), giving students the confidence to pursue a career they would not have otherwise considered.

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"I really enjoyed doing the activities with my family. It was a fun experience"

— Student

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