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University of Sheffield - Computer Science and Software Engineering - Girls only

Computer Science and Software Engineering


What is it all about?


There is often a misconception that computer science and software engineering are all about programming. But both of these closely-related disciplines involve much more than this, including things such as creative problem solving, ethical decision making, project management, and creative design. The outputs of these professions are pervasive in our modern lives, not just in computers and smartphones, but also in everything from cars to washing machines. So much is driven by computer programmes, but writing the code for this programmes is just a small part of the overall endeavour.


This course will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of Computer Science and Software Engineering (and the distinction between them). You will put your knowledge into practice with a real-world problem, considering design decisions as much as implementation.


What will I be doing?


During the course you will be working in teams on a project to design and build a simple educational game, aimed to help primary school students with basic mathematics skills.  While the game itself will be simple, there are some difficult decisions to be made around data collection and security. You will also get to experience a university style lecture and receive sessions on presentation skills, note taking and research techniques.  


You will stay in halls of residence and participate in daytime academic sessions as well as evening social activities. 


Would this course suit me?


This course would suit you if you will be studying Maths at A level and would like to find out how this subject can lead to a degree in computer science or software engineering. (You do not need to be studying Computer Science at A level.)


Course Code: SHCINS20

Course Date: 10.00 on Tuesday, 21 July 2020  to 16.30 on Thursday, 23 July 2020 (3 day residential)


Girls only


University of Sheffield - Computer Science and Software Engineering - Girls only

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