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University of Salford - Insight into Engineering - Girls only


I have really enjoyed the week and realised what an opportunity there is for women in engineering! I enjoyed getting to hear other girls feelings about university plans and courses. The course definitely gave me a good insight into engineering at uni and possible jobs after"


This Headstart course is led by Professor Takruri-Rizk with great commitment and enthusiasm; she was recently awarded an MBE for her services to women and minorities in science and technology eduation. Headstart’s Insight at Salford involves team exercises and a one day project, as well as visits to industry.


What’s it all about?


This course provides a valuable introduction to engineering and science and life on campus, but it is not all work: you will make new friends at the social events - such as attending the theatre, a tour of Concord and the formal course dinner with an after-dinner speaker from industry.


What will I be doing?


• Working in teams to design and build projects
• Going on specially arranged visits to local industries
• Participating in group presentations
• Listening to talks from practising women engineers and scientists, admissions tutors and careers advisors
• Meeting and working with real engineers
• Improving your knowledge and understanding of engineering
• Experiencing life on campus at the University of Salford



Would this course suit me?


If you would like the opportunity to explore whether engineering is the right degree course for you in a friendly and supportive environment then this course will suit any girls interested in any of the following subjects:


• Acoustics, audio, video
• Aeronautical engineering
• Biomedical engineering
• Civil engineering
• Computer networks
• Computer science/Software engineering
• Electronics engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Mathematics
• Physics


Headstart at Salford also offers 'Dragonfly', an exciting module for younger girls, mentored by female Year 12 Headstart students who stay over to help run the day on Friday, 10 July 2020. If you would like to help mentor on this day please write this into your personal statement when you apply for your Headstart course.


Course code: SALHS20

Course dates: 10.30 on Monday, 6 July 2020 to 15.15 on Thursday, 9 July 2020 (4 days residential)


Girls only 

University of Salford - Insight into Engineering - Girls only

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