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University of Liverpool - Aerospace Engineering



"I thought the course was amazing, I really enjoyed my week with Headstart especially tasks such as glider building. Flying the helicopter simulator was amazing."


What’s it all about?


Headstart at Liverpool is organised around the multi-disciplinary theme of aerospace engineering and is led by the Flight Science Group. This group is currently working with industry and the civil and military authorities on a variety of projects including the European tilt rotor aircraft, CFD aerodynamics and display systems for flight in poor visibility.


What will I be doing?


• Work in teams solving specific aerospace problems faced by pilots
• Use CAD and other computing facilities
• Fly the Bibby Flight Simulator around a helicopter test course
• Meet current undergraduates and engineers
• Work with test pilots and researchers to create an aircraft to compete in a Red Bull Air race using the flight simulator
• Explore the various student facilities at Liverpool


Would this course suit me?


This course will suit you if you are interested in the following subjects and have a strong maths background:
• Airframe structures and materials
• Avionics
• Flight technologies and aerodynamics
• Design and manufacturing issues for aircraft
• Aerospace and aeronautical engineering


What do I need to be suitable?


If you want to find out about the technical aspects of flight and flying and how pilots and engineers work together to improve civil and military aircraft then this course comes highly recommended. Liverpool University is located in the centre of the city.

Headstart at Liverpool also offers 'Dragonfly', an exciting module for younger girls, mentored by female Year 12 Headstart students who stay over to help run the day on Friday, 3 July 2020. If you would like to help mentor on this day please write this into your personal statement when you apply for your Headstart course.


Course code: LIVHS20

Course dates: 17.00 on Sunday, June 28 2020 to 12.30 on Thursday, 2 July 2020 (5 days residential).

University of Liverpool - Aerospace Engineering

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