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University College London – Civil Engineering - Boys & Girls

Become a civilisation saver – Inspire 2020


We welcome students from any location or school as long as you are willing and able to commute to UCL every day as this is a non-residential 3-day course based in central London.


What’s it all about?


Civil engineers design and construct projects which transform our lives, our societies and our planet. At UCL, we believe that civil engineering is the art and practice of changing the physical world for the benefit of people and the environment, and we have an inclusive and global outlook to ensure that our students are equipped to work in varied societal and cultural contexts. Civil Engineering needs people from diverse backgrounds to meet the challenges of the Twenty First century. A good civil engineer will possess strong theoretical, technical and design knowledge, as we as excellent communication, management and team working skills. A UCL civil engineer will be a creative and critical thinker – able to identify, define and solve problems at varying scales and in a diverse range of contexts.


What will I be doing?


This course will include lectures, seminars, problem-based classes, tutorials, laboratory classes and potentially a site visit all of which are delivered at undergraduate level, giving you an opportunity to have an authentic university experience in anticipation of your career path choices. Practising engineers contribute to the teaching of the undergraduate course which ensures that the programme is at the forefront of academic excellence and maintains relevance when considering current industry practice.


Would this course suit me?


A diverse profession requires a diverse workforce; this course will suit anyone who is passionate about improving our planet (and potentially beyond!) and making life in our communities better. As an individual you could play your part in designing and building airports, bridges, skyscrapers, flood defences, water supply and drainage schemes, dams, wind farms, sustainable buildings, train stations, ports, reservoirs, tunnels, public transport, roads and railways.


Topics may include:


Design – looking at how problems are identified, defined and approached, with the aim of an engineering solution.

Context – an overview of Civil Engineering looking at its role in society; historically and in the modern day.

Geomatics – how measurement, location and positioning information is critical to civil engineering and to digital skills development.

Communication – how civil engineers use drawing, mapping, and various media and forms to communicate their ideas.  

Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics – identifying how to apply your scientific skills and knowledge to practical, authentic scenarios.  


Team Work and Management– identifying individual strengths and collaborating as a team.


Course Code: UCCINS20

Course Dates:  09.30 Tuesday, 7 July 2020 to 16.30 Thursday, 9 July 2020 (each day)

(3 day non-residential)


Mixed Boys & Girls

University College London – Civil Engineering - Boys & Girls

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