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UCL -  Green Biocompatible Technologies for a Sustainable Future - Girls only

Green Biocompatible Technologies for a Sustainable Future


What is it all about?


With the rapidly developing global economy, depletion of fossil fuels and increasing environmental challenges, there is a call for alternative and more sustainable energy sources. Chemical engineers work towards creating a better energy environment that can transform the lives of new generations by considering the design and operation of new energy solutions through simulations and experimentation, often created based on nature-inspired mechanisms.



This course will enable you to gain a deeper understanding and hands-on experience of electrochemical energy storage devices such as fuel cells. You will also consider the fundamental mechanisms that are considered by engineers when designing engineering systems that mimic the traits of natural systems.



What will I be doing?


During the course you will be working in teams on different projects to design different sustainable energy solutions, for instance an electrochemical energy conversion device of your choice or investigating different bio-based materials via a suite of characterization techniques.

You will also get to experience a university style lecture and receive sessions on presentation skills and research techniques, as well as on safety and ethics in engineering.  


You will stay in halls of residence and participate in daytime academic sessions as well as evening social activities. 



Would this course suit me?


This course would suit you if you will be studying Maths, Chemistry and/or Physics at A level and would like to find out how these subjects can lead to a degree in engineering or technology.


Course Code: UCLINS20

Course Dates: 09:30 on Monday, 29 June 2020 to 16:30 on Wednesday, 1 July 2020 (3 days residential)


Girls only

UCL - Green Biocompatible Technologies for a Sustainable Future - Girls only

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