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Coventry University - Humanitarian Engineering - Girls only

Humanitarian Engineering


What is it all about?


“We need to ensure that our innovation and designs meet people’s needs and allow them to live the way they choose without creating a negative legacy for generations to come”

The Global Engineer, 2008


Humanitarian Engineering is about human relationshps and how we can use ‘appropriate’ technology for a just existence for all. 


Engineering is a wide subject and the course at Coventry will give you a deeper understanding about the different areas of engineering. You will use this knowledge to create innovative solutions to issues in areas of development or that have been hit by ‘natural’ and or man made disasters.


This course will enable you to gain a deeper understanding and hands on skills in subject areas such as engineering, computer modelling, engineering mathematics and the wider social, economical and environmental context of engineering.


What will I be doing?


In your time on the course you will be working in groups as well as individually to design and build an innovative engineering solution. You will also be able to experience a university style lecture, gain new skills related to presentation skills, note taking and research techniques.


You will experience student life at Coventry University by staying in halls of residence, participating in academic sessions led by Coventry University lecturers, meeting current students on Engineering courses and engaging in social activities.


Would this course suit me?


This course would suit you if you like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geography, and would like to find how you can use these in real life, or have a current interest in Engineering, Architecture  and or Disaster Management.


Course Code: COVINS20

Course Dates: 09.30 on Monday, 6 July 2020 to 16.30 on Wednesday, 8 July 2020 (3 days residential)


Girls only

Coventry University - Humanitarian Engineering - Girls only

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