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University of Manchester - Insight into Engineering (Broad-Based Engineering)

An Insight into Engineering at The University of Manchester


"One of the most amazing weeks of my life, thoroughly enjoyed it and really opened my mind to the possibilities in engineering."


What’s it all about?


Get involved and experience a real taste of what life is like as an engineering undergraduate at The University of Manchester. Based in the heart of the city, The University of Manchester has nearly 200 years of engineering history and is at the forefront of dynamic, cutting-edge research and teaching.

On this 4 day course, you’ll gain hands-on experience through laboratory-based project sessions, lectures and problem solving activities delivered by our passionate and knowledgeable lecturers. The ideal learning environment for budding engineers.

Students will get an opportunity to stay in University Halls of Residence and find out about student life on our vibrant city campus.

What will I be doing?


• Meeting lecturers and current students across engineering subjects
• Experiencing life as an undergraduate student living and working in Manchester
• Finding out about the different types of engineering that are available to you

• Developing transferable skills and knowledge
• Working as part of a team on practical projects, recent projects have included:
• The design, build and testing of insulators in the High Voltage laboratory
• Construction of a small bore pipeline
• Understanding the science of flight and construction of a simple aircraft from a single geometric wing
• Design, construction and testing of a beam
• Getting careers advice for prospective Engineers and the opportunity to meet Engineers working in industry
• Meeting new like-minded peers from across the country also interested in studying engineering
• Living in Halls of Residence and taking part in social activities

Would this course suit me?


If you’re interested in exploring engineering and finding out what discipline you are most interested in studying, as well as experiencing student life in the heart of Manchester, this popular Headstart course is for you.  You will need to be studying two subjects from Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

If you are interested in any of the following subjects, please apply:

• Civil Engineering
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Materials Engineering


Bursaries and Funding

The University of Manchester are offering a number of funded bursary places, as well as providing funding for travel costs to and from the course. If you are unable to pay for the course yourself then please tell us that you are requesting a bursary on your application form and we will contact you to see if you are eligible.


Course code: MANHS20

Course dates: 11:00 on Monday, 13 July 2020 to 15:30 on Thursday, 16 July 2020 (4 days residential)

University of Manchester - Insight into Engineering (Broad-Based Engineering)

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