068LHSE - Engineering Intern, London

Disciplines – Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science
Start Date - May or June 2021
Location - London (working from home until further notice due to COVID-19)
Salary - £20K



They have developed innovative Rotor Sails which harness power from the wind to help propel ships.



To assist with the engineering team with the automation of the company’s Fuel Saving Assessment and the definition/development of a dashboard app to show the efficiency and effectiveness of Rotor Sails



Your duties will be focused primarily on two projects:

Firstly, automating our Fuel Saving Assessment.  This is used by us and by vessel owners/ managers to estimate the fuel saving likely to be realised if Rotor Sails are installed on the vessel.  We are currently using a simple model for this, but the process needs to be automated and improved to save time and to increase accuracy.

Secondly, we are looking to develop a shoreside dashboard to show vessel owners/managers high level data on vessel and Rotor Sail performance in real time.  We would like you to lead the data gathering and definition phase of this project to build a prototype


In addition, as part of the Engineering team, you will assist with general engineering duties.  All this will be while working under the supervision of a professional engineering team.


Essential skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written are a primary requirement.
  • Excellent programming skills particularly MATLAB or other software programs where skills are transferable to MATLAB.
  • Excellent IT skills including email (Outlook), Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Professional, proactive attitude with ability to work autonomously with support from the engineering team.


    Desirable skills:

    • Experience with a variety of programming languages
    • Experience with engineering design software e.g. AutoCAD, Rhino would be beneficial.

    The company will consider undergraduates as well as students graduating this year.


    To apply for this placement or for more information, please contact Lidia stating your interest, your full name and the vacancy reference.


    Please note, you must be fully registered with The YINI scheme to apply.

    See the YINI application page to complete an on-line application form ONLY if you are not already registered.

    068LHSE - Engineering Intern, London

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