046LHSE, Electronics/Gen. Eng/Physics, Oxfordshire

Start Date – Summer 2021
Salary - TBC
Location - Eynsham, Oxfordshire
Disciplines – General Engineering, Electronics, Physics

About the candidate:

  • Firstly we are a very small company – smaller than before because we are pushing production out to other companies and focussing only on development of new products. This means any student will be heavily involved in product development – the analysis, design, mathematics, electronics and software.
  • For the same reason, any candidate must be comfortable to manage themselves and rely on the company only for technical guidance, not time management guidance
  • We practice mathematics, physics and general engineering at a very high level; this environment only suits someone who is very comfortable with that, and who has an advanced maths and physics knowledge. That is absolutely not the same as an A* at ‘A’ level – I am referring to knowledge not a certificate
  • Any student here must be hungry to push their knowledge far in excess of what they now know. The standard we expect is much higher than they will be used to, and this is a great learning environment for someone who is willing to learn. It does not suit someone who thinks their maths/physics is already pretty good and doesn’t need to learn much more
  • We are perfectionists, and my attitude is whatever we do is not good enough; that means any student must be willing to accept criticism and have a desire to be the best they can be.
  • We have an academic leaning to the way we do things – this means students must continue with maths and physics lessons here. This does not suit someone who wants to forget about study and relax for a while
  • We are not 9-to-5. The job is done when it is done.
  • Whilst intelligence and academic knowledge is important, I value an attitude of positivity and curiosity as more so
  • You will need to be made of sturdy stuff!!


About the job:

  • We design electronic control systems for vehicles, military equipment, marine vessels and process control equipment
  • It is rarely run-of-the-mill – usually we provide solutions that are a little cleverer than average – but we also do some mundane stuff
  • We design electronic circuits, CAD them up, buy the components, layout the PCBs, build them, write the software, commission it at the customers, and document it. In other words we do everything
  • We also do a full mathematical analysis of the product where appropriate
  • We build small volumes of prototypes (we are hands-on) until they are ready to go to manufacture


To apply for this placement or for more information, please contact Lidia stating your interest, your full name and the vacancy reference.


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046LHSE, Electronics/Gen. Eng/Physics, Oxfordshire

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