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022SW - Production Engineering YINI Placement

Job Title: Year in Industry Placement – Production Engineering
Salary: £17,500
Location: Exeter
Department: Production/engineering    
Working Conditions: 40 hours/week, 25 days holiday per annum plus 8 bank holidays


A practical “hands on” placement for a student who is planning on studying for an engineering degree and who wants a “get stuck in” placement which will give them the valuable experience that comes from working within a small company.
The company is a leading independent design and production company employing 20 engineers developing and manufacturing innovative drilling and control equipment for the oil-field industry.  With a market in specialist and bespoke equipment, they mainly produce small quantity products specifically designed and precision engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions.


This company has grown and is continuing to grow in a competitive environment.  They would like a student who can combine planning with practical tasks.  They are looking for a student who has a passion for real “hands on” engineering.  The successful student will be working in the manufacturing area, testing, assembling, and getting their overalls dirty! Opportunities will arise to work within other areas.
As this is a small company, you will gain lots of experience in a variety of different ways, however, you do need to be prepared to have a flexible attitude towards the work you may do and the hours may occasionally exceed those stated. 
A previous student at this company said, 
“For anyone looking for something to do during their gap year I would highly recommend doing a YINI. My time here has been invaluable, and I have learnt a lot. I think this years’ experience alone, will put my degree into context and I will know why I have learnt something.”


You will be IT literate, be mathematically inclined and have good verbal and written skills.  You will be expected to use your own initiative, enjoy problem solving, offering solutions and be analytical. You will be inquisitive in nature and not be afraid to ask ‘why’ regarding current processes.  You will be looking to study Engineering at university.
You will have common sense, be logical and reasonably practicable i.e. a ‘hands on’ approach, with a keen attention to detail, and must be able to work on your own and within a team.
“All of our YINI placements have been a great success.  We have enjoyed seeing our students develop through the year and then when the students returned to us after studying we reaped the rewards of having ready trained engineers.” – Recruiting manager at this company.


To apply for this role, please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria (correct level of education, any location specific requirements, nationality and specific subjects/degrees) and then once you are confident you do, click here to go to our applications page.


Or you can email for further information or any queries.

022SW - Production Engineering YINI Placement

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