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002SE Engineering (various), London

Location - London

Disciplines - Engineering (Various disciplines)

Start Date - Summer 2024

Salary - c£17K


This company design bespoke, high-performance buildings focussing on low energy, high sustainability and outstanding quality.



We are looking for a year in industry student to help support the engineers, get fully involved in the office and help us out in developing high- quality systems to allow us to develop the best designs that we can.

In particular, we are looking for someone to help us set up more efficient ways of working.


You will:

  • Be encouraged to learn building energy modelling techniques, 3D drawing techniques, including learning to use specialist software such as Revit, AutoCAD, MATLAB and IES Virtual Environment
  • Help engineers out by setting up standard ways of working and developing tools within these software programmes, working closely with project engineers to develop high quality designs.  This might involve programming within these software programmes to develop standard tools for engineers to use in the office.


We will:  

  • Encourage the successful student to get involved in the modelling of buildings using software programmes that allow us to analyse how a building will react to the sun, the weather around them and the users within them to ensure that they are energy efficient and allow the users to remain comfortable all year round.
  • Aim to give the student the opportunity to get involved in the design of some of the buildings that we are working on, to give real experience of the Construction industry.


The student would also have the opportunity to visit construction sites and understand how the work that they have been doing translates into the finished product.


Lastly, the student would be given the opportunity to research specific subjects so that we can use this knowledge to help all the engineers work efficiently and accurately.


To apply for this role, please email Jessica at, stating the vacancy reference.

002SE Engineering (various), London

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