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Virtual Digital Explorers

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

This summer, we worked closely with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to offer a free 'Digital Explorers' programme which was designed to inspire young people to take an interest in careers in the digital technology sector. Between June 29th – July 3rd, we held daily online events, with interactive sessions and a discussion panel with a range of tech sector professionals.

Digital Explorers fulfilled four Gatsby Benchmarks and on completion of the modules, students graduated as Challenger level Industrial Cadets. With two different programmes for KS3 and KS4/KS5, it was a fantastic offering for students to explore the digital tech industry - not just for students with their eye on a coding career, this three-part event looked to challenge stereotypes and change the way students think about tech careers.

Below are just some of the fantastic feedback we received from our students upon completion of the Digital Explorers programme:

"It has made me consider looking into taking Graphics or coding at GCSE and potentially looking into a career in STEM. I am also going to look into working towards a higher Industrial Cadets award."

"I would sum up Digital Explorers as a fun experience which upgrades your CV and makes it easier for you to gain a job in tech."

"The thing that has interested me the most is reinventing an object in my house because it has given me a different perspective on how practically anything can be changed to be more efficient just by using technology."

"I was surprised by the fact there are so many elements to the designing process and that it isn't just about coding and sitting behind a screen, there is an element of communicating with people and working together as a team."

"Digital Explorers has opened up my eyes to the true variety that the 'tech industry' covers, as well as the possible jobs in it that I can totally see myself doing."

"Digital Explorers taught me a lot about the Digital world, it teaches a lot of things about electronics, I have discovered that apps take such a long process. This is because that I don't know much about these, it is quite interesting in learning about these."

To find out more about our virtual courses, please email us at

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