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The Inspire course gave Maddie a real-life insight into engineering

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Read all about Maddie's Inspire experience below:

I heard about the Inspire courses from my physics teacher who knew I was interested in Engineering as a potential degree option. When I read up about what was involved, I thought it would be a good way to find out more about Engineering.

My ambitions for the Inspire course were to learn a bit more about different sectors of Engineering. I had been quite focused on studying aeronautical engineering as I have been interested in planes and flying from a young age – but I knew there were lots of other choices out there. I particularly love Chemistry at school so was interested to learn more about options that could combine Chemistry and engineering. I also wanted to find out a bit more about university life and to see what studying Engineering at university could be like.

The Inspire course gave me many experiences that have given me a head start on what I need to look into further as I head into sixth form. I was able to hear many speakers talk about their sectors of engineering (this including structural, chemical, civil, biological and mechanical engineering). This gave me a real-life insight into the diversity of roles in engineering and has inspired me to look at a broader array of courses for my higher education.

Additionally, the course offered a range of experiences that would be difficult to get elsewhere, for example using the university spec material sciences experiment lab which was fun to try out. You get also get to use the facilities of the university, including staying in halls, this gave me a chance to experience university life in a way you are unable to on an open day.

I would absolutely recommend the Inspire courses to other people! I really enjoyed the experience and made lots of new friends throughout the course. The Inspire gives you an opportunity to see what you can do if you are interested in STEM after school and encourages you to be ambitious with your higher education choices.

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