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“Insight Into… Physics”: Pupils Excel in Physics-Themed Activity Days

This summer, over 450 pupils from three schools in London & Manchester embarked on an exciting journey of discovery all about physics, delivered by EDT and funded by the Ogden Trust.

Pupils from Greig City Academy & Ricards Lodge High School in London and Kingsway School in Manchester took part in “Insight Into… Physics”: virtually-guided activity days packed with group discussions, fun interactive tasks, live Q&A sessions and hands-on activities, all focusing on the real-life uses of physics and the diverse range of career options it opens up.

“The students were really inspired”

- John Farrant, Teacher at Greig City Academy

“I have realised how much physics can apply to the real world”

- Pupil, Kingsway School

“Insight Into… Physics” sessions are tailor-made to bust negative stereotypes about physics at a crucial stage of pupils’ education, enabling them to make the best choices for their own future. This project was targeted to engage young people who are under-represented in science & technology, including girls, young people experiencing deprivation, and Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) pupils.

After taking part in “Insight Into… Physics”, 76% of pupils said they had developed their physics skills & knowledge, and 90% said they knew more about real-life uses or jobs in physics. All pupils who took part were awarded EDT’s Industrial Cadets Challenger Award: a nationally-recognised accreditation for workplace-linked skills development.

“[This experience] has broadened the job opportunities that I knew about”

- Pupil, Kingsway School

“It has given me a better understanding of STEM”

- Pupil, Ricards Lodge High School

Through interventions like these, EDT and the Ogden Trust inspire young people to keep learning about what physics is, the amazing things it has helped us to achieve, and the huge range of careers that use physics skills. The Ogden Trust promotes innovative physics teaching and learning, encouraging under-represented groups to get involved in physics.

“The feedback from the “Insight into…Physics” initiative shows that it has had a really positive impact on the young people involved, which is great to see,” says Clare Harvey, Chief Executive of The Ogden Trust. “We want students to understand the opportunities that can come from studying physics, and for them to see that physics can be for everyone. These physics-themed activity days have really captured the imagination and fired the enthusiasm of those who took part, giving a real-life context to physics learning and future careers.”

EDT is an educational charity on a mission to connect young people with industry and inspiring STEM* futures​. Our vision is a society where all young people have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to take control of their futures and help change the world around them.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

“In my role I am privileged to witness the incredible passion, motivation and creativity of young people when engaging with science & engineering,” says Julie Feest, Chief Executive of EDT. “Too often, these young people are blocked from pursuing the bright futures they deserve by circumstances outside of their control. With the help of organisations like the Ogden Trust, EDT’s mission is to create a society where all young people have equal access to STEM careers and opportunities for further study.”

EDT would like to thank the Ogden Trust for making “Insight Into… Physics” possible; to find out more about their brilliant work, click here. For information on all of EDT’s educational support programmes, click here.

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