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Insight into EDT webinar series 2023/24

We will be running our Insight into EDT webinars every month for teachers and educators on Zoom with our first one being on September 19th 2023.

During these free webinars, we will provide you with information on all the STEM experiences, projects and placements that we have on offer for your school in 2023/2024 and how to get involved.

The opportunities we will be covering will be available for schools and students across the UK. All the dates for the upcoming webinars throughout the academic year can be found below:

Tue 7th November 2023, 4-5pm:

Tue 16th January 2024 4-5pm:

Tue 12th March 2024 4-5pm:

Tue 11th June, 2024 4-5pm:

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