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Insight into Apprenticeships Launches in the UK

We have launched a brand new programme, Insight into Apprenticeships aimed at supporting students across the Scottish Highlands and Hereford.


The programme, which is set to support students aged 16 to 18 aims to inspire and inform young people about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) apprenticeships in the local areas.

While there are a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities available nationwide, currently some groups continue to be underrepresented. The number of women entering into STEM apprenticeships fell in 2023, down to 14%1, while those students entering STEM apprenticeships from ethnic minority groups also fell significantly by 14%2. Apprenticeships provide the next generation with practical skills and knowledge across a range of industries, so it’s important to ensure all young people have access to the opportunities available.


The new programme is set to improve knowledge of how to access a STEM career through an apprenticeship, build confidence amongst young people, improve career skills and ultimately motivate students to apply for a STEM apprenticeship in the future.


The course will run from January to July 2024, offering a range of in person and virtual sessions. The events will cover topics and activities including, myth busting, Q&As with apprentices, employer networking sessions, while also providing support to learn skills and knowledge to help access regional apprenticeship opportunities. 


Julie Feest, Chief Executive EDT explained, “Apprenticeships across STEM industries have never been more innovative and exciting as they are now, which provides us with the perfect opportunity to launch our new programme to help young people to fulfil their STEM potential. Apprenticeships across industries such as engineering, technology and aerospace will significantly help to plug the current skills gap and ensure we have a skilled workforce in the future.”


For more information and to apply, please email our team at

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