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Industrial Cadets Awards Week 2021

This month, EDT were excited to celebrate Industrial Cadets Awards Week 2021 in partnership with GFG Foundation, GSK and Leidos. We recognised the achievements of young people who showed exceptional passion and initiative during their Industrial Cadets experiences, showing first-hand how powerful a tool STEM can be for building our own futures and changing the wider world.

"The high speed railway I designed […] is a faster and more environmental option when compared to flying. I have identified where solar and wind farms could be expanded so that the line could be […] carbon neutral. The power collected from the regenerative braking could be fed back into the grid, further reducing power consumption. All of these steps mean that the project will reduce pollution and benefit the entire population of the East Coast.”- Hana Williams

"The Bronze programme gave me an insight into pathways to work in the STEM career industry via university, college, company, and apprenticeships. In my project work, I worked hard to complete the Chemistry Atmospheric Pollutants Presentation with a professional, accurate and detailed approach. I proposed my own solutions to the Oxford Street Improvement Project, and the management of atmospheric pollutants.”- Lucy Vrettos

We were inspired to see change-makers of the future sharing their ambitions to make the world a better place through STEM innovation. Launching just after the successful COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, it’s no surprise that many of our Industrial Cadets Week finalists see the fight against climate change as one of the biggest challenges for this new generation of STEM innovators.

"Education is one of our key weapons in the fight against climate change. Empowering teachers in every school to deliver world-leading climate change education will not only raise awareness and understanding of the problem, but will also equip young people with the skills and knowledge to build a sustainable future."- Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi

Following COP26, the UK Government have announced plans to put “climate change at the heart of education [and] empower all young people in […] developing the skills needed to solve the problem.”

EDT welcome this focus on environmental issues in education. Our curriculum-aligned STEM activities empower young people to engage with real-life challenges faced by industry, including climate change and sustainability. In addition, our nationally-recognised Industrial Cadets accreditation framework enables teachers and employers to support each other through careers guidance, pupil mentoring and workplace tours.

The CARE (Comfortable, Adaptable, Resourceful, Ethical) Coat, designed and produced by pupils from Holy Cross High School with support from Alex Begg & Co. This coat was designed as part of the “Material World” Industrial Cadets Bronze Level project. Pupils were challenged to investigate how the textiles industry could be made more eco-friendly, learning about how to make textiles in new and exciting ways, from “leather” made of pineapple leaves to fabric produced from wood pulp or recycled plastic.

From work placements to job offers and university places, this year’s Industrial Cadets Week finalists can look ahead to an exciting future. At EDT, we believe in protecting that future for generations to come. In 2021 we celebrated reaching 100,000 Industrial Cadets across the UK, and announced our ambition to raise that figure to 250,000. We are also excited to act as Friends of the Queen’s Green Canopy: an initiative for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, in which young people will be inspired to plant trees across the UK.

“We are delighted that EDT and Industrial Cadets have agreed to become Friends of The Queen’s Green Canopy. With their extensive reach into schools across the United Kingdom, EDT and Industrial Cadets will greatly enhance The Queen’s Green Canopy’s schools and education outreach programme.”- Dan Rex, CEO, The Queen’s Green Canopy.

Congratulations to every one of the thousands of young people who took part in Industrial Cadets experiences this year, and thank you to the many employers, colleges & universities who work with EDT to build bright, sustainable futures for the next generation of STEM world-changers. Special thanks go to Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for partnering with EDT and providing a stunning venue for the exclusive Industrial Cadets Platinum Awards ceremony.

Industrial Cadets Awards Finalists and Winners 2021

Challenger Special Recognition Awards:

Beechcliffe Special School

The Hazeley Academy

Industrial Cadets Bronze Award finalists:

Merchiston Castle High School

Wales High School

Industrial Cadets Bronze Award winner:

Lucy Vrettos

Industrial Cadets Silver Award finalists:

Olympia Andipa

Selin Chetinelli

Industrial Cadets Silver Award winner:

Hardiv Harshakumar

Industrial Cadets Gold Award finalists:

Archie Lether

Rugby High School

Industrial Cadets Gold Award winner:

Hana Williams

Industrial Cadets Platinum Award finalists:

Lottie Gubb (GSK)

Melita Benoy (Network Rail)

Naomi Izatt (Starleaf)

Hari Newnham (AkzoNobel)

Julia Whitehead (Springboard Pro)

Industrial Cadets Platinum Award winner:

Juhie Radia (ABB)

“My key piece of advice for young people coming into the world of work at the moment is to remember just how much value you can bring. You have so much to contribute to employers, so don’t be afraid to speak up. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and importantly, don’t be afraid to challenge. You have so many ideas and skills that need to be shared.”- Oyiza Momoh: EDT alumna, Industrial Cadet Awards speaker & Principal Clinical Data Manager at GSK

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