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Go4SET students successfully completed 'Water and your school' project

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Students at The Kingsway school participated in a project called 'Water and your school'

The Go4SET experience

At the Launch Day, a group of Year 9 students were free to choose any project. Unanimously both teams immediately opted for Water and Your School. They quickly separating into two teams of 6, elected team leaders and divided up roles. The mentors were superb and offered advice, encouragement and direction but also knew when to step back, to always make the students feel like they were in charge of their projects.

The benefits

The students particularly benefited from gaining a rounded approach to STE(A)M and having a far greater insight into the necessity for specific and detailed research, investigation and experimentation, but also, the need for facts and evidence and test results to substantiate their project’s progression and direction. However, it cannot be underestimated just how significantly the students also developed in terms of young adults. The project helped increased their confidence, responsibility, time management and resilience.

The Go4SET project has been useful in helping students consider a possible STE(A)M career and to open their minds to the jobs, careers and shear diversity of these possibilities. It has also helped diminish the misconception of a male dominated hi-viz vests and hard hats wearing employment sector.

The areas of the project the team most enjoyed

The teams mostly enjoyed the freedom and responsibility given to them, as well as the company visits and research trips. It’s not necessarily the lessons that students remember in later life, but those additional opportunities outside of the classroom. Also, seeing such a demanding project through from start to finish and having a project report, model and display stand where they can celebrate that personal achievement to others.

Useful advice to other young people wanting to participate in Go4SET

Have an open mind. Look for creative interpretations to each project brief. Perhaps start first by asking what you think others will expect them to do and then think outside of the box for possible brief interpretations. Above all to tailor a project towards something that you are going to enjoy doing. Something that during a typical school day or lesson you may never have the opportunity to explore.

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