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EDT works with the Platinum Jubilee Pageant to launch Sustainability Activity for Secondary Schools

EDT (Engineering Development Trust) is very proud to announce that, to mark this year's Platinum Jubilee celebration, we have launched a fun UK wide Sustainability activity for all young people aged 11-16 to participate in. All secondary school pupils in the UK are given the opportunity to take part in planning a ‘sustainable street party’ or local event, to commemorate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Students will create posters outlining their sustainable solutions to the brief.

The project aims to educate, engage and excite students about the aims of The Queen’s Jubilee Pageant and provide active learning experiences in STE(A)M related careers, giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and exposure that will help them make decisions about their future.

“We are thrilled to be linked with the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on this exciting activity focused on sustainability. Young people care passionately about caring for the environment in which they live, and this will give secondary school students all across the UK the chance to consider how to create events in a local space considering minimum impact to their local space. This aligns so well with our focused themes on areas that interest young people, and we look forward to seeing how they will create their posters representing their ideas. We know this will enable them to show creativity, problem solving and their skills at their best.” said Julie Feest, CEO of EDT.

Tickets to attend the Platinum Jubilee Pageant have been allocated as prizes for selected entries. All students who participate in the sustainability activity will receive an Industrial Cadets Challenger Award, whose Patron is His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, enabling employability skills in young people.

How can your readers get involved?

Two different briefs have been created for lower and higher secondary students, enabling any young person from secondary school across all four nations to put forward an entry. Both briefs ask students to think about how a sustainable and carbon neutral event could work. Find out more about the activities here.

The Pageant, taking place on the 5th June 2022, has been created to bring a once-in- a-lifetime experience to millions of people, in celebration of The Queen’s 70-year reign as well as the collective service of our country and communities. More than 6,000 military personnel, performers, key workers and volunteers will unite to tell the story of the seven decades in the awe-inspiring festival of creativity. Marking the reawakening of the creative sector and drawing on talent from every part of the United Kingdom and across the Commonwealth, the Pageant will combine pomp and ceremony, street arts, theatre, music, circus and costumes. People will be able to enjoy the Pageant in-person on the streets of London, on TV, via a digital experience or by hosting events in their own communities.

Rosanna Machado, CEO of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant said:

“We’re thrilled to be working with the Engineering Development Trust on this exciting initiative. Ensuring that children and young people across the UK can play a part in the Platinum Jubilee Pageant is something very important to us. We want to ensure that the Pageant leaves a lasting social and environmental impact and these initiatives will help teach some valuable creative, sustainable and STE(A)M skills which can be used long into their future.”

Read more about the sustainability activity click here.

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Kevin Joshya
Kevin Joshya
12 de mar. de 2022

Wow! I think it's a great idea to give students the opportunity to choose and influence the process. And posters will only decorate this event! If possible, record the entire event on video. I understand that there will be a huge amount of material, but you can cut at least the most interesting moments! With it won't take you long. I hope that such events will be held more often.

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