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Bella's Year in Industry placement at Springboard

Company: Springboard

Student/Degree: Bella Martin - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Manager: Kamaal de Silva

Project summary:

During my placement I was a core member in a multidisciplinary team developing a small implantable medical device which makes a particular type of cancer surgery more comfortable and convenient for the patient and more efficient for the surgeon. During my time on the project, we focused on concept development and building the product’s manufacturing processes from the ground up. Later in the project, I was personally responsible for managing one of the manufacturing processes as we began transfer to manufacture. Through this project, we deliver excellent, high quality engineering work to our client while creating a product that will improve the lives of people around the world.

Project Results

During my time on the project, we successfully developed a concept and transferred prototype versions of each manufacturing processes to our contract manufacturers. This includes the manufacturing process I developed for which I transferred the process, equipment, and documentation in person. By following our processes, our contract manufacturers are currently producing upwards of 100 devices per week. Going forward, we will continue to refine the manufacturing processes while testing to ensure part quality.

What have you gained from your placement?

My placement has given me many opportunities to develop new skills and enrich existing ones. Throughout the year, I have frequently presented my work which has improved my communication and presentation skills; I now have much more confidence in my ideas and abilities. My technical skills have also greatly improved, allowing me to contribute to 3D design work on my project. Furthermore, my placement has helped me decide what career I would like to pursue. Since the work at Springboard is multidisciplinary, I have gained experience in a wide range of science and engineering disciplines. I have developed a passion for tinkering with circuits and electronics, which lead to my decision to study electrical and electronic engineering at Southampton University next year.

Company Manager’s Comment

The projects for this client totalled over a million pounds over the previous financial year. Bella’s work on the small implantable medical device project was key to our relationship with this client, and also contributed to the rapid development of the device over this period. Bella’s project leader always has great feedback: she has been commended on the high quality of her work with thorough execution, and also on clear communication, for example, in presentations to the client on project progress. Her rapid professional development is evidenced in her taking ownership of the process in question, essentially becoming the designated expert, which means making key decisions in design, testing and transfer to manufacture.

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