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Adrian's Placement experience at Diodes Incorporated

Adrian undertook his Placement year at Diodes Incorporated. Read on to find out more about his project and experience.

Company Diodes Incorporated

Student/Degree: Ikenna Adrian Ozoemena / Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Manager: Jon Stocker

Project Title: BJT Product Qualification

Project summary:

Qualification of new fabrication processes and bipolar products for key customers using in-house wafer foundry as wafer source including design of the bill of materials and test plan and management of all aspects of the bipolar projects from conception to delivery.

Project Results

Multiple products qualified increasing company revenue by allowing product to be sold as well as increasing product portfolio and leveraging in house wafer fabs to allow for more stable device supply thus increasing customer confidence. Qualification work also helped highlight and close process gaps in one of our die designs.

What have you gained from your placement?

My time at Diodes has allowed me to greatly improve my management and planning skills and allowed me to work and share ideas with a great team of supportive members. I’ve gotten to work though the full semiconductor production qualification life cycle and use the knowledge I’ve gained from my university course to tackle challenging problems along the way. I look forward to applying the skills I’ve learned from this placement in my final university year and in my future career.

Company Manager’s Comment:

"Adrian has been a valuable member of the BJT Product Engineering team and has been a great help in the business unit. He has brought in new perspectives to the team and the qualification work he has done while with the company will have a lasting and significant contribution to our business."

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