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Beth Learns Invaluable Skills at P&G

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Beth Fraser is a pre-university placement student and has spent the last 10 months at Procter and Gamble (P&G) at their Research & Development facility in Newcastle. Beth has been learning invaluable skills which has taught her how to work independently, as well as providing her with the skills she needs to perform precise and efficient experiments.

In September, Beth will be studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham where she will be able to put her skills to the test. Beth decided to do a Year in Industry placement as she wanted to try out something completely different to studying at school and at university. She says:

“Having previously attended Inspire and Headstart courses with the EDT, I was aware of the dedication with which their schemes are run. So, when I heard about their Year in Industry (YINI) scheme at an open day I was immediately attracted by the idea. Registration online is quick and no obligation, so with nothing to lose I applied in the autumn of my final year at school. Following my registration, I had an interview with one of the YINI team to establish my goals for the year. This is your opportunity to highlight any particular areas of interest, and whether you’re willing to relocate for your placement.”

During her placement, Beth was offered multiple opportunities to widen her knowledge and skillset. To find out more about Beth’s placement and her experience, click here to read her full blog or click on the video link below!

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