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Learning in Lockdown students receive record number of Industrial Cadets Silver Awards!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Huge congratulations to all the students on their massive achievement – they should be very proud.

This is the largest cohort of students since the conception of Industrial Cadets in 2010 to achieve Industrial Cadets Silver awards during a single week!

The students aged 14/15 have put in a phenomenal amount of work across the week, everything from attending live sessions, the technical designs to the written report to bring it all together in response to the Esteem Pavilion design brief created by Class of Your Own. Everyone involved has been blown away by the level of input and commitment shown by these students, even under these adverse conditions.

Students have demonstrated a staggering level of creativity with designs coming from Minecraft, Sketch-Up and 3-D models that have been created with nothing but paper!

We hope this week has highlighted the wide array of careers and opportunities available to students in the architectural, engineering and construction industry and challenged a few preconceptions.

These young people join the growing network of Industrial Cadets across the UK who have achieved their awards despite the disruptions to education and day to day life, making their achievements all the more unique.

This may be their first Industrial Cadets award, or they may be adding to their growing portfolio of awards.

This experience has guided them to develop valuable interpersonal skills, gain some unique industry knowledge and have fun along the way! The Industrial Cadets Silver award will be a fantastic addition to personal statements and CVs. It can be shown to educators and potential employers, providing a significant competitive advantage in securing the career of choice.

A huge thank you to teachers and parents for their unwavering support – you have helped make this week a resounding success.

Thanks to Scape Group, Class Of Your Own and Learn Live for making this happen.

Please share your awards with us on social media – we would love to hear from you!

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