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41 female students graduate at Go4SET CAD!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

On 5th June, 41 female students presented at the Go4SET Celebration and Assessment Day (CAD) at Airbus, Filton. This was the culmination of 10 weeks of hard work investigating and designing an eco-factory project. The teams arrived on the day and set up their visual displays, including their very impressive models. Each team then presented their project twice to 2 assessors from industry and answered questions.

The schools involved were:

  • Bristol Grammar School

  • Castle School

  • Redmaids’ High School

  • Badminton School

The schools had been working on an Airbus Eco Factory project since 7th March 2019 until the culminations of the scheme on 5th June, hosted and supported by Airbus. They put together a report, display stand, model and prepare presentation for a panel of Assessors. The Assessors were blown away by the quality of the projects, so much so they added another two awards for this event!

Congratulations to all winnings teams:

Pupil’s Choice: Bristol Grammar School

Teamwork Award: Bristol Grammar School & Castle School Team B

Most Innovative: Redmaids’ School Team B

Best Overall: Castle School Team A

The feedback from the assessors and mentors was very positive – they were impressed by the enthusiasm and understanding of each team.

A fantastic event that shows the potential future female engineering talent available if we can just tap into it and nurture it

Nicole Jelliss, Head of Incremental Development A320/A330 (ELBI) AIRBUS

"It’s really inspirational to see the curiosity and creativity shown by the teams in this challenge – some budding project managers in the making" Hilary Baker, Head of AG PM Academy & Policies AG PM Council Secretary

“The teamwork, innovation and enthusiasm shown by these young people was truly amazing!” John H. CALDER, E2E PLM – Tactical Planning PM STEM Ambassador

A special thanks to all students involved, teachers, Airbus mentors and assessors.

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