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Go4SET team win an award at the National Finals of The Big Bang Fair!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

On 1st April, we were please to see our Go4SET students from The Kingsway School win an award at the National Finals of The Big Bang Fair! The students competed with over 200 other schools for the ‘Special Award 2019 – Rotary prize for Environmental Scientific Advancement’.

The students started their Go4SET journey last year and were delighted when they won ‘Best Overall Project’ in the North West’ finals, beating many independent schools within the area. They then went onto winning at The Big Bang Fair whilst achieving their Industrial Cadets Bronze Level, as well as their Silver Crest Award from the British Science Association.

The students worked collaboratively on a project called ‘Water and your School’ to develop a water purification system for their sister school in The Kolweny Kingsway in Kenya. They were supported by their teachers as well as members from the Rowley Projects and John Crane who dedicated time over the 10 weeks.

Well done to all six students for your huge achievements and hard work, and we wish you all the best in your future careers.

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