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RAF and EDT spread the STE(A)M message to Cyprus!

To extend the celebration of the RAF Centenary overseas, we have been back to Cyprus visiting the British Forces schools to inspire more young people into STE(A)M related careers, and to show them the wide range of opportunities that are available within these fields.

On Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March, EDT’s First Edition team and RAF’s Youth and STE(A)M team visited Cyprus to deliver 5 x STE(A)M days to approximately 250 students from 6 British Forces schools, to celebrate the Royal Air Force Centenary. This was an exciting time as it was the first time that the Robot Rescue activity was ran with primary school students, who were as young as 9 years old. As well as the hands-on activities, students were informed about the career opportunities within STE(A)M and in particular what the RAF has to offer.

The schools that were involved were:

  • St John’s School, Episkopi

  • Akrotiri Primary School and Episkopi Primary School

  • King Richard School, Dhekelia

  • Dhekelia Primary School,

  • Ayios Nikolaos Primary School,

The secondary school events involved 3 hands-on STE(A)M activities all linked to the RAF; Chain Home, Robot Rescue and Target to Take Off!

The primary schools took part in the Robot Rescue activity.

Activity 1 – Chain Home

Students work in teams to construct a ‘radar tower’ using only art straws and limited masking tape, which is capable of supporting weights at two heights. They will be investigating the strength of different shapes in structures and the most efficient use of materials.

Activity 2 – Robot Rescue

Students work in teams to programme a small robot in order to successfully navigate a ‘disaster zone’ course and reach stranded survivors. Accuracy, teamwork and planning are all essential factors in this challenge.

Activity 3 – Target to Take Off!

Students work in teams to design, build and test their own aircraft models, which must achieve a specified distance along our ‘runway’ using only elastic power. They will need to investigate the impact of mass, friction and aerodynamics on the movement of their model.

From the feedback received, students found the event to be very insightful as they gained a wider understanding of the opportunities available within STE(A)M.

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